Vape696969 wrote:

I admit, I was maybe a little bit hard towards the yihi stratum’s style. Because mine stopped working and I hated the fire button. My bad feelings came from my personal bad experience with the mod. I did like the form factor a lot but maybe a little slippery and sloppy.
And the other famous shop did not refund me. I don’t personally like Yihi and I don’t know if it was a faulty chip or bad soldering but it was my first and last.
I had a bad experience with an original Stratum also, yeah lucky guy. But Stratum refunded me.
By the way I don’t think Stratum still use Yihi anymore. Last ones I saw were DNA60 or Dicodes.

Oh no, your opinion on ownership is as valid as mine! I'm sorry you had a bad experience - the only fault I can find is YIHI stuff - most apparently is shorter than average battery life - but I love everything else about it, especially the's so small!

Yes, the V4 was cloned I suppose because the manu could source the original chips for chips, lol, instead of the newer V5 or V6 - but I always thought the V4 was the best looking, anyway! While I prefer a DNA 60, I was so surprised by this mod's fit/finish and performance that I eagerly await a second batch (wishful thinking) with different material options.

Sorry about yours, it seems with Chinese manufacturing it's always a solder joint that's weak, and then perhaps shipping and handling finish it off, lol.