SambaBugatti wrote:

At first Glance I thought that it looks great, I saw the WEeight and thought maybe I should buy it....and than I saw the Measurements...and thought that it will only look great with a 60 mm tall and 24-25 mm wide RTA :-(.
If You buy it please post Pics with a lot of different sized RTA's on it, it is still not out of my Head.

If you want the lightest 100c, you should go Boxer. The Classic is randomly on sale for 159.99, check the site! If you just want the reliability and functionality of a DNA, but don't need 100 watts or a color screen, the BP Mods Iaido is very small.

Fun Aside: Last week I got a small package from Boxer, it contained a 510 threaded soldering tip! It turns your mod into a soldering iron! I initially got my Classic prototype before these little "extras" were ready, so It was nice to be remembered months later. Nice customer service from Boxer!