carrion4worm wrote:

Maybe the noob needs instruction on how "product threads" work. Yes, this is ONLY a thread for the 100c Hadron. That's it. Want to talk, or fuss, about something else, related or unrelated? start a thread.

You surprise me more and more with your foolishness and lack of simple understanding. That's how it's always worked, except for people like, Richy, and now I guess, you, who think EVERY thread is an excuse to detract from the intended subject, and then cry when they are lambasted for it.

You type too much. Think more, type less.

It appears you have forgotten you mentioned the Boxer as an alternative... If you insist this thread is solely about the Hadron and any mention of a different mod should appear on a different thread then why did the guy who takes it upon himself to preach to "noobs" about forum etiquette ignore these imaginary rules? Suggesting a lower cost option to the Hadron like the LV is no more breaking the imaginary rules like you chose to do.

You don't surprise me at all with your constant misunderstanding of how to comport yourself online.