carrion4worm wrote:

The Boxer as an alternative to what? That's right, comparable DNA mods.

Stop with all the typing. No one cares unless you know what the battery door is like, or the body construction material.

Go to whatever your preferred mod is, and start a thread for that product. Stop typing here if you have no interest. I'll bet you;ll never see me on your fave product threads.

So, of course, you just invented the rule that only the mod in question should be discussed. The Lost Vape mentioned earlier is also, 'that's right', a single 21700 mod so is just as valid a suggestion as yours.

Get over your Evolv fixation, I do have an interest in this product - but the board is only one part of the picture, it has always been fine to suggest alternatives, and no forum member has the right to dictate what alternatives may, or may not be proposed.