carrion4worm wrote:

Good. Move on to your Aegis product thread or whatever. We don't need comments from the peanut gallery. Never seen the stories of home fires from Smok, Vaporesso and other Chinese mods? Look it up! There's even videos for those with reading issues.

I ask again, why are you here, if not to just argue? Hmmm? how many times can you three say the same thing in one thread?

go away, and let this thread live. Thank you. You can't be interested in this mod and not have the 100c chip be the main factor...otherwise, it's just an oversized, generic looking mod, honestly.

Take your own advice, follow your own imaginary rules, and start a dedicated DNA fanboy thread Carrion. This is a mod by a mainstream budget manufacturer - we don't need constant heckling from the pretentious seats.