Excellent stuff!
That's the pricing of the Hadron Mini thoroughly covered(!)

It might surprise those who don't know, but there was a time when most (not all but most) of the users who are arguing here, used to get along with each other just fine... and the only people who used to get abuse were the noobs asking questions, albeit ones that they could probably simply google (and boy, you guys used to treat them like shit).

No one is liked by everyone. No one likes everyone (unless you have William's Syndrome).
The world would be a very boring place if everyone just got on but after reading some of the suggestions in Geek's thread, I found it interesting that very few users seem to be taking responsibility for their own actions and police themselves, instead of asking Geek to initiate some system changes to stop the very thing which is being instigated here on this thread.

I get it; some of you don't like others and that's fine but if you're crapping on each other in the product threads then irrispective of loyalties, you're becoming a pain in the neck for everyone else, not just across your own divisions.

It's a couple of weeks into 2022. Perhaps this could be an opportunity for a new start with how things are approached and not just waiting on Geek and Anniepan to somehow make a system change which will make these divisions disappear... which it is very obvious they won't.

If it helps, I hold everyone in equal contempt.
Happy New Year to you all.
Peace & Love. Now if you could very kindly just fuck the fuck off you fucking fucks.