carrion4worm wrote:

Sabertooth gets it...a shame FT continues to put up with the lot of you.

Hope you're good fella. I feel I need to clarify something here;
Mate, we get on fine and we've had civil disagreements and discussions on certain Facebook groups, specifically about 18350s and high ohm tight MTL vaping being a fad in your eyes and (18350s) the original foundations and (high ohm ultra restricted MTL) the cornerstone of flavour chasing in mine (you're still wrong by the way)


An embarrassment to the vaping community, and I hope you suffer in life...

I can't speak for everyone but I actually don't think people's issue is to do with what you disagree about, it's the way you go about saying it.
I can't work out whether that sentence is said in sincerity or in irony but come on man; What are you trying to achieve here? It's like that scene in Shane when Jack Palance throws a gun at the sheep herder's feet and tells him to pick it up. The sheep herder replies 'umm... no mister. I don't want to pick up the gun', reluctantly does and is then shot; 'You all saw... he had a gun!'.
It's simply cause and effect. You can't put sentences out there like that and not acknowledge that they are also part of the problem.

Sure, there are shitheads about and it isn't worth the effort or bother trying to convince shitheads not to be shitheads. They just are what they are and the embarrassment is for everyone, not just vapers... however on these forums every member has the ability to embarrass themselves as individuals albeit, for the most part, for very few outside of the community here who read these pages.
The most embarassing aspects of the wider vaping community is held in the hands of manufacturers who choose to either market their products at demographics who are either too young or the worst to represent it

Real vapers seem to like having me around, and that's the only support I want/need.

I do enjoy reading some of your posts but it's mainly because of your no compromise, take no prisoners approach to disagreements, which leads you to have all the grace of a rhino passing kidney stones.
As much as I do find that entertaining, I also think it would do you good to just agree to disagree sometimes. It will also do a heap of good for your blood pressure. Take it easy and chill out a little man.