Good to hear from you again, Sabre! One thing I will always respect about you: when you disagree, you give valid, well thought out reasons, but above all, I know you love vaping, and come here for the right reasons.

I also know why you don't come here much, and I know it's not because of you trying to avoid me...we have too many "hangers on", who would rather destroy threads and point fingers instead of post photos or reviews, and yes, sometimes I have had my fill of their nonsense....

I don't feel I have your luxury- that of "tuning out" from this forum for months at a time. While I understand it, this forum needs someone with honest expertise...if I ever need to "step down", I would hope it would be you to continue the good work here.

It's a thankless job. No matter what I say, others who are jealous or "haters" will always detract....and, if I'm ever wrong about something, I have no problem admitting it, and personality (mine is, as you say, "no holds barred), isn't something that's right or wrong - though. I work on myself every day. It's a work in progress!

Stay well, friend!