carrion4worm wrote:

Good to hear from you again, Sabre!

Glad you're well fella.

I also know why you don't come here much, and I know it's not because of you trying to avoid me...

Nah man. I have no issue with or reason to avoid you. I actually enjoy our disagreements more than when we do agree because the discussions are interesting.
The reason I don't come on these forums much is mainly because of how polluted the discussions have become, the spam and the political divisions spilling into personal hate and frankly I just don't have an appetite for any of it, especially when agreeing with one person and disagreeing with someone else is somehow seen as having to take sides in divisions I don't consider myself any part of.

I don't feel I have your luxury- that of "tuning out" from this forum for months at a time.

It's not even a luxury. It's just that the company I own requires me to spend half the year travelling the globe and then I end up taking extended breaks to jungles, rainforests and mountains because I need a break from bloody people.
That said, in all seriousness I find that a lot of people's character and principles are mirrored online as it is in person and I honestly don't have the energy to be as hard-nosed about things as you are. I'd find it draining even though I also think that mentality is necessary even if it is only for the few.

this forum needs someone with honest expertise...if I ever need to "step down", I would hope it would be you to continue the good work here.It's a thankless job.

It is definitely not me. I have the technical, electrical and scientific knowledge but not the breadth of experience with gear. I know my batteries and my wire/materials. If there was a venn diagram of why we have crossed paths on Facebook groups it is because of the massive experience you have with what you vape crossing over with a portion of the tiny niche area I do.
The funny thing is that if I put aside the fighting posts, I'd actually suggest that (from what I've read) the two users with the most experience to share with others have been you and DJ followed by Viking65 for general posts to help people even though it's pretty clear you're not mates.

No matter what I say, others who are jealous or "haters" will always detract....and, if I'm ever wrong about something, I have no problem admitting it, and personality (mine is, as you say, "no holds barred), isn't something that's right or wrong

I agree with you. I actually don't get that aspect of the dislike when you post photos of the gear you have because some of what you own are unicorns for a lot of people. I'd expect people to be more curious than they are... but then I think it is fair to say that it's less jealousy and more the many personal elements which are at play in people's responses.

I get people disliking people. I am not the easiest person to be friends with in person and by that I mean it takes an awful lot for me to like someone even though I (believe), I come across as likeable. That's all fine. I do wish the personal dislikes on this forum were taken out of posts though... and that criticism is aimed globally at everyone guilty of it.
If the personal attacks could be isolated to outside threads and those same people be objective in these ones, I'd probably be more active on here but as it is, if I'm honest, I do crave the more unified earlier days of these forums.

Take it easy and I'll catch you around. Peace man