I've seen this here and there the last few weeks, and I'm actually just a bit excited about this bridge, even among the over-crowded Billet scene. The design features front and back mounted air inserts, that, if tightly secured, should be a quick and easy way to find your vape! The good-looking grooves facilitate the air getting from back to front to enter the device, and the deck (not shown here) is simple, while allowing room for claptons, etc.

The holes up top are where the filling bung goes, a 510 adapter is not necessary for burning coils, and the airflow goes up to 4.2mm - some of the best airflow available yet in the billet bridge arena, while included a "blank" insert, for those wanted a tight draw.

Nice looking, affordable...it appears China has evened the playing field with the high end modders, but I'll need to get my hands on one to be sure. If it's anywhere close to BP Mods Insider, we will have a treat!