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Only for newer Topside Duals
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#1 (permalink)      4/26/2022 7:06:53 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Only for newer Topside Duals
If you look at the plate that screws onto the bottom of the mod, there are 4 screw holes.
That is the newer design battery door.

Older Topside Duals had a smaller plate that is held by 2 screws. The door latched into the soft body shell which quickly wore out. Dovpo then redesigned the body shell so that the door latched into a larger steel plate.

The older design was the one with all the problems so before you order this, look at the base of your mod.

The newer design battery door will not fit on the old design mod. I think Dovpo was considering selling a replacement body shell for the old design that uses the new design door.

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Good catch!

I haven't had issues with my V1 door yet, but I've had two of those screw caps crap out on me. One of them came defective with my first topside and the second just one day didn't screw in properly anymore. The magnets they use in the lids seem to be too fragile for a clumsy oaf like myself.
Perhaps I should put in a product request🤔
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Dovpo sold this door kit and new body shells for awhile. I think I paid about $15 for the body and door kit last year (plus like $20 in shipping). Saved my old first gen Topside Dual though.