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{Help!} Drip Tip replacement?
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#1 (permalink)      8/13/2022 8:42:32 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Help! Drip Tip replacement?
The installed drip tip that was on the Nautilus pod was kinda loose and it kept coming out. Finally lost it altogether. None of my 510 tips will fit, they've way too loose. Nor will my 810 tips fit, way too big. The only thing that does fit is the DT from the BV pod. Am I going nuts? Is there a Drip Tip that will fit? Is there some way I can bang something together that might work?
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you could try wrapping some P.T.F.E thread sealing tape (also called plumbers tape) around the o-rings to make the drip tip more secure.

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I've used loads of different tips when I had mine if it's to loose you could try a thicker o-ring