I paid a decent amount for ~22 items and it didn't show up as an order ..

I then deal with service and get it added as an order, now the items aren't available.

Then they want to send me a partial order, of items with no box... Admitting the items were returns or something and then even those aren't all available because 'they couldn't fix them'.

Even accepting such a crappy thing, they just keep messaging me asking questions instead of sending anything at all...

No matter what I do, they just keep asking different questions nightly.
No reason, because no matter what I do they don't listen to the responses...

Is this just a giant scam now?
Clearly sending bitcoin to china was dumb, I've informed two very large groups of vape users and DIY e-juice discord.

My question is just , do I chock it up as a loss or deal with annoyance every day for the possibly the next decade in hope I'll receive some partial order of broken boxless crap that likely won't work ?