piers wrote:

Wylie wrote:QP aint that sharp and long term customer service, very much the same as where the product comes from.Edit:Direct ordered from QP more than once, product flaws and I agreed to reduced price on a future product. Thought I might at least check in with them on the latest and maybe a slight discount if they were still up to speed. No deal and didn't even remember what they had sold me. I don't buy even QP clones anymore.Finally I hear some bad shit about qp. I bought an authentic gata last year cause of the hype around it and was pretty disappointed with it. I threw everything at it Claptons, framed staples, simple and complex MTL coils. The airflow was turbulent as fuck and the MTL was a joke cause of the air getting in from the rdl air hole the other side cause the airflow ring was just too loose. Scratchy threads, sketchy engraving I actually thought it was a clone.I was putting the tenth or twentieth tweaked build in there and ended up dropping it. The retainer ring around the deck bent in on one side and I just fucked it off.I mean a pmma bell cap in 2020? £50 on an rta man. Won't be doing it again in a hurry.

Yep,that rta was a mis-step, and far from what they are known for, or what they're good at. All the smooth threads in the world wouldn't fix that dumpster fire of an atty. It's not that it's bad, it's that it's just not good, really GOOD, at anything, especially MTL. I''m sorry you had a bad experience with it, but know that you are not alone.