So, I had multiple items in my wish list, like Galaxies RDTA, Galaxies RTA, some drip tips, and probably multiple others that I can't remember right now. When i came to decision and tried to buy them I noticed those items are no longer available. Items which were available a month ago or so.
Needles to say I became disappointed and sad, and even angry when I found out that even other sites has no stock of them.

So my idea is that somehow alert the user, who has the items on their wish-list, before it goes discontinued (or out of stock for eternity)

For example right now I have the ST Speed Revolution SKU 9623618, SXK Reload S SKU 9696076, Coppervape Hippo RDA SKU 9629095 on my wish list. All listed years ago 2017-2019 so I afraid, Really afraid that they will be discontinued in the near future, but since I don't know when, I don't feel the urge to buy them now/this month, I mean I will buy them eventually if available, but it would change my priorities if I would know there's only a few left and gone forever after that few sold out.

Also more annoyingly, recently most of my tickets were about items that I Could order but got discontinued out of nowhere so I had to cancel them... Not a big deal since they were only some cheap drip tips, but yes a bit of an annoyance.