RattyRat wrote:

While I get what you say the Galaxies RDTA and RTA both was authentic also I have the Brunhilde MTL RDTA on my wishlist, that's authentic too listed in 2019, so worried that it'll be discontinued soonish but I just dont wanna pay 35 buck for an atty right now. Probably buy it in May but I just can't know if it'll be available still.Oh also if I'm correct the Hippo is authentic too tho from a well known "cloner"...All in all I worried about items listed years ago and not recently.

Yep, I agree on non-clone items, but with FT not keeping stock of most items, I'm afraid the idea of a "warning" is redundant, and not likely to be be very effective, honestly.

Maybe FT can try...I'm all for it.