carrion4worm wrote:

Hate to say it, but with clones it's a "buy now" situation...

This is in fact a very accurate description of how things are right now.

While the idea of a discontinue-alert is very interesting, it's unlikely we can make it happen in a meaningful way. In most cases, we are only notified a few days ahead of "last call" dates, and for products that use upstream inventory but have no pending orders, there is often no warning at all.

RattyRat wrote:

Also more annoyingly, recently most of my tickets were about items that I Could order but got discontinued out of nowhere so I had to cancel them... Not a big deal since they were only some cheap drip tips, but yes a bit of an annoyance.

I agree this is very annoying. I am checking with the team on how often this happens and why. I will report back here shortly.