So I've recently bought a 532nm module from fasttech as was very pleased with the quality and power that it produced. What i did was took the module and placed it inside a black anodized heatsink and then ran a wire from the positive on the driver to the brass ring on a C6 pill and attached a spring to the negative on the driver. then i placed heatshrink tube around the driver to ensure there wouldn't be a short. then placed it in a C6 flashlight and powered it off on 16340 Cell. I'm pleased to announce my first test with the laser on my Ophir Laser Power Meter gave me a reading of 70mw. that's not bad for a module listed at only 50mw. So i then took it apart and adjusted the Potentiometer on the driver well pointing it at my LPM and was able to safely increase the power to 90mw, and it was very stable there. So as you can imagine i plan on buying more module's from you guys. Thanks

here is a link to my forum where i did a review of the build with pictures.