Calling all Aussies
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#11 (permalink)      8/31/2015 7:01:32 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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VapeJay wrote:

Has anyone gotten this Laser SKU 1443100 TD-BP-120 450NM Blue Laser Pointer into Australia.I have posted this questing in existing threads before, but I am hoping to hear from a fellow countryman (Aussie)with information if they have successfully had one of these Lasers delivered into Australia. I have looked up Australian Customs Laser Laws and it does state on page 7 of the PDF any laser above 1mW are not aloud into the country. I have personally gotten 3 x 5mW laser pointers into Australia with no problems. I do understand that this could be FT's packaging and labelling. so, back to the question. Has any Australians gotten this Laser delivered to them in Australia? I don't want to spend $165+ dollars and have it confiscated. Thanks VapeJay.P.S. I have no plans on aiming it at plane, playing with cats or being irresponsible with it in any way. I just want to burn stuff and have another thing that has no purpose.

No plans playing with cats? What the #!? Last week I was vacuuming and out of nowhere the cat starts going crazy leaping and dancing around the room. Turns out the sun was hitting my watch face making a light show on the carpet. Surely that's one of life's joys? - Of course vacuuming was temporarily suspended while I just played with the cat! Why else would you spend $165± on a laser if not to play with the cat?

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Law says that no laser over 1mW is aloud in Australia yet I have had plenty of 5mW lasers shipped to my home in SA, do customs not care about 5mW lasers or something?