Vapefly Holic muted Flavor
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#1 (permalink)      12/23/2021 5:51:06 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Vapefly Holic muted Flavor
I recently picked up 2 Holics RDAs. I was looking for a fairly tight MTL vape.
Seems like a really solid RDA with a nice airflow control and very easy to build on.Problem is, no matter what I do, I get muted flavor with both of them. I'm using 27 gauge kanthal, 3mm coil (6 wraps (1ohm) and 8 wraps (1.2 ohms), and Japanese cotton. Power between 12 to 15 watts. Also used the included coils and cotton with no improvement. I've tried adjusting the height of the coil, still muted. I played around with the internal airflow and opening them helps the flavor a little, but still not so good, plus with the internal airflows open it tends to be more prone to giving off juice in mouth. I've got a Vandy Vape berserker RDA V1 and it blows this thing away in flavor.
What on earth cold I be doing wrong here? It seems to have a reputation for giving off great flavor.

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This thread already exists. Look for solutions on the Vapefly Holic product page discussio9n.
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