I put in an order yesterday. "Waiting to be packaged" today.

I figure I'll get it eventually, and more curious to see how it goes :)

I never shop here expecting a fast delivery. The old saying "Good, fast, cheap...pick any two. You can't have all three" applies here. I have a sign that says this hanging at the entrance to my shop lol.

Shipping anything, anywhere, was already in a major change before Covid 19 hit. It just made things worse. I'm sure the dust will settle soon enough, but it probably will never be the same. It won't stop me from ordering from here though. FT is still one of the best for products I want AFAIC.

Just remember, they don't have any real control over shipping issues. There are other forces at work ( that are likely targeting them ) in the wake of this IMO.

That said, I still hope we all get our stuff soon :)

update: "ready to ship" :)