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Before you clik on this link above by vapeluvr ^

BitChute is a video hosting service known for accommodating far-right individuals and conspiracy theorists, and for hosting hateful material notes The platform was created in 2017 to allow video uploaders to avoid content rules enforcement on YouTube, and some creators who have been banned from YouTube or had their channels barred from receiving advertising revenue ("demonetized") have migrated to BitChute

BitChute has been described as accommodating far-right groups and individuals. The Southern Poverty Law Center wrote in 2019 that the site hosts "hate-fueled material", and the Anti-Defamation League wrote in 2020 that "BitChute has become a hotbed for violent, conspiratorial and hate-filled video propaganda, and a recruiting ground for extremists". According to a report from anti-extremism group Hope not Hate in 2020, BitChute "actively promotes" content which was removed from other platforms as hate speech.

Hope not Hate also documented videos hosted on BitChute supporting or produced by terrorists groups, including ISIS and the neo-Nazi groups National Action and Atomwaffen Division. A report from British Jewish group Community Security Trust says that some terrorist videos have been on the site for over a year, and that BitChute only removes this content when forced - Wikipedia
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The one note baseline and the screaming-eagle-flag kind of gave it away.

Funny how the basement dwellers can't identify a job training video.