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Oh well, spoke too soon. Second dose for tomorrow just deleted again. Third time this has happened. 🤣

Had my second last saturday as did my sister and BIL, we survived it :))

It's a mess here.

They decided to cancel the Astra Zeneca for the first jab which left us with an over stock of inventory so last Friday they announced those that had the first jabs between March 10-19th which I fell into could have their second.
Otherwise that stock was no longer good as of May 31st.
In doing that, my appointment last Sunday was cancelled and I had to put us on wait lists again.
Late last night was sent a text giving us 90 min to choose a date.
Was out and not paying attention to my phone but got home and made 2 appointments for tomorrow just minutes before that window closed.

Just received messages stating the promised vaccines have not yet shown up.

Originally we were to receive the 2nd one a month later. Then they decided that we needed to wait 8 weeks for them to be fully effective.
Then last week it was determined that 12 weeks was the best time frame but since they had this overstock, those of us wanting to do it at 10 weeks could do so. Grabbed that as who knows when the next ones will arrive.
And of course now those have been cancelled.

Its a bloody joke here. 😂