Or, you could answer the question...since YOU brought it up, my darling.

I don't NEED anything, you are on a thrift gadget website playing trailer park republican. If you had the money the be a "REAL" Republican in the U.S., you wouldn't be here, searching for 20.00 mods. If you don't make 150,000 a year, you don't benefit from anything GOP related, except for the "tax cut" legislation Trump put into place...It caused 60 of americas largest, richest corporations to pay no taxes in 2020, while the average family making 60,000 may have seen 100.00 more over the course of the year....In America, the GOP doesn't want ANY MONEY to go to ANYONE, because then they can't get to it! There are really two groups to go GOP in the USA, one is hardcore religious people, and the other are race supremists and the like. As for the people that REALLY elected trump, the poor dumb goofus types that don't watch the news but watch reruns of "the Apprentice" on rabbit ears, Trump laughs as those fools...and its a shame from both sides.

Maybe you need to open your eyes...because the Republican party you imagine in America no longer exists...REPUBLICANS gave it away to TV reality show host TRUMP, as seen on FOX news. Maybe you have a valid Conservative party in Canada --good for you--but you know nothing about the U.S.