Ible_ wrote:

Sadly the true story is that vaccine hesitancy is what's holding the world back

I won't disagree with the basics of that statement but I don't believe it is quite as simple as you maintain.

At my age I didn't question the vaccine but I am not sure how I would have felt vaccinating young children if I were a parent. I am glad I didn't have to concern myself with that issue.

It's never been the vaccine I have questioned for as a female, I took birth control pills for several decades despite the fear they could cause stroked but the whole BS process of how this was all handled from the very beginning.
I long felt enough wasn't done, or only half measures were undertaken and/or corporate interests were given far too much leeway while small businesses suffered greatly.

Too much inconsistent messaging along with politicizing this virus (on all sides) also contributed greatly.

Politicians saying one thing while hypocritically doing another. While under one of the longest lock downs in North America, daily flights coming in from India to Canada and a great deal of the time, months ago not being checked for symptoms, etc, etc, etc...the list is endless.

** Vaccine hesitancy: We will reach a point where even those most hesitant will need to comply.
I don't personally feel that those hesitant are dragging this out much longer than it would have done anyhow. It takes a long time to get it all done properly, hence, I don't personally harbour any negativity towards the unvaccinated although I myself would prefer not to have them in my home at this point in time.

I have spent almost 2 years in the outdoors 5-7 hours daily, all four seasons and have done all of my socializing in that manner only.
Even now as we have re-opened, I prefer to remain outside and don't have any issue going though another winter living in this manner.
I only miss my twice yearly visits to NYC.