yoshy262 wrote:

Who knows, maybe will be a dollar. At that point is game over anyway.

Don't worry, that vaxx will start to do the real purpose and prices will start to go down.

In which realm of the yoshyverse does that come to happen? I mean, I see you speaking of cost of living in Euros and assuming that a decrease in population —quite sudden, if I've inferred correctly– will make prices correct (go down for you) when what would actually happen would be stringently accelerated redistribution of wealth in an assymetrical fashion as it does in any modern capitalist system, less purchasing by a larger empoverished population but more importantly, halts in production/logistics/manufacture/and sale of goods, which, if anything, would drive the economy into complete chaos for a good half decade. Chaos as you can't even begin to fathom, sheep. You better had a humble ascendance and remember how your grandparents used to live (mine in Spain were more dependent on having livestock at home and attending the crops than on external factors, like commodity prices dancing samba, and general purchasing power turning sideways for half of the population meanwhile any measure taken against it is seen as another act of chicanery by the "FED" (WHICH DUE TO ITS ILLUMINATIESQUE NATURE HANDLED BY THE GODLY GRASP OF THE HIDDEN ELITES, WOULD BE UP TO NO GOOD, AM I RITE?). My parents keep consuming almost any green and fruit from own source (and remains a good hobby for both, as for me whenever have the time to escape the city).

You better prepare your back and loin, this isn't a 'Come with me if you wanna live' from Arnold, is a 'Clean that junk out of your head, you're gonna live and for longer that you'd even desire, since you'll endure and regret being a washed out turd' from me.

Cheers, wacko.