airwinny wrote:

Lol, my message pointing out that deleting of posts happens in absurdly random ways, was deleted in an absurdly random way. For "Fighting" no less.

Moderators, I'd kindly like to know what exactly about the below post was "Fighting".

"macranife wrote:
Trust and respect

We could, but I just looked through this thread at what gets deleted nowadays, and it's an absolute joke. Apparently blatant hypocrisy is allowed, pointing out said hypocrisy even in the friendliest of words gets deleted. I even had a post deleted in which I positively attempted to see things from the other side, as 'fighting'.

That renders conversations moot, and makes solutions an impossibility. It's hilarious for a short while, but in the end a complete waste of my time."

If you and eternalwhine are on discord do posts get deleted?