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carrion4worm wrote:
Logical doesn't apply here, that's why some folks somehow think a simple post about a PC, with no advertising, is spam. Old folks are so cute!...and to OP, IF you are genuine: (and there's no reason why they wouldn't be, despite a chance they could be some "new, advanced" "spammer":. No, that's too much for a used, mid level computer, at least here in the US. 1000.00 can buy the most powerful gaming PC, and if you don't game, or host a network, you just don't need the excess power,'s like a 300hp car on a 55mph highway...much will be unused. Now, wait 3 weeks, go and edit this post for nefarious purposes, lol...Hilarious, this place isn't worthy of "past tense, secret advertising"...once a thread falls off the front page, no one will see it, lol, And Cilika makes a dozen threads like this a week, followed by Skeets....maybe they are "secret spammers from the future" also?

This site should hopefully clear things up:

No one here will see it but search engines will.

That was a waste of my time. We know spam exists, no one's debating's that anal man and his lonely cohorts think ANY new post is spam....and in this context, what's the bottom line? Exactly. Nothing but silly internet versions of "get off my lawn"!