vape8ion wrote:

In stock status is by far the best bet but, even then things may go crossways.

My last order of 5 "in stock" items translated to 1 "in stock" item. The remaining 4, are into their second revision of when they are supposed to arrive.

I find it fascinating that every item, all made by different companies have one of 2 dates they are expected. As in two items have 4 more days, and 2 have 5 more days. The same 4 items shared two dates before the revision. What are the odds that of all the many manufactures, the 4 who make the items I purchased, just happen to be telling Fasttech the same 2 dates?

Then, what are the odds of all four of those items being delayed in the same manner twice?
Finally, the odds of this occurring order after order?

A suspicious person might consider that these dates are not only confabulated, but if you think about it, they have to have automated the process, unless they have a great many staff to manually input the revised times. Automated custom customer inventory anti split-ship deception generator software plugin maybe.

Cue DJ explaining how its all the suppliers fault, and just a mathematically massive improbability level coincidence that this happens constantly.

Possible? Yes. But about as probable as a tornado hitting a scrap yard, and leaving a fully functional Boeing 787 in it's wake.