Hi @Anniepan,

I have a few suggestions regarding the new european VAT regulation.

I presume you have the possibility to know from which country people visiting your site are coming from, so here are some suggestions, in three points, that maybe you could implement:

1) When checking our shopping cart, we could have the details of the invoice, with its total cost, including VAT (depending on the destination country).

2) When finalising an order, rather than having to tick the choice to pay VAT, it would be the other way round, i.e. tick the choice not to pay VAT.

3) In the event that the person ticks the choice not to pay VAT, a link will appear reminding them of the risks involved.

With these provisions, the customer would avoid the risks in case of oversight, and would take responsibility for the options he has chosen.
I hope that my explanations have been clear enough, having used an online translator.

With kind regards.