Anniepan wrote:

Dear Tonycobweb,

Thanks for your feedback. I have forwarded your information to our related departments, we will think about how we can improve.

To all of our members, have a wonderful day.


After my message I placed another order on Fasttech which is still in transit (order D011373111), and I must admit that I am worried.

Recently I received a package from China that I had ordered on another site than yours. Under the price of the article (about 25€) there was the mention "VAT included", on the invoice the VAT had been paid, and yet I still had to pay the customs fees to get my parcel back, I don't understand why, and I didn't manage to get any explanations, neither from the post office nor from the customs! Fortunately the seller refunded me anyway.

The questions I have are the following:
- Did the sites located in China understand the process of this new customs regulation?
- Are the IOSS numbers properly declared to customs?
- Are the customs in Europe doing their job wrong, or are they doing it on purpose to discourage purchases in China? I don't understand anymore!

I admit that I am worried about the package I am waiting for, and for my future shopping projects!
I see from the message that followed mine, that this problem of customs also occurred in Spain!

I hope that you do what is necessary so that these problems of customs regulations are solved as soon as possible! Your interests are at stake, as well as ours, i.e. those of the European buyers!

Best regards.