mick6214 wrote:

I have purchased items with the option of VAT, why is this not indicated on the order form? What do I do if the customs ask me for the VAT?

Dear mick6214,

We are really sorry as Paypal has a policy that doesn't allow us to accept money for E-cigs products, we have announced the detail in this link. You also can check the notice on the product page: PayPal may be unavailable as e-cigarette sales are restricted. You may place orders using gift cards, or cryptocurrencies. And now, you can pay for the E-cigs products by credit card.

I have sent an email to you about the search issue, would you mind replying with a screenshot or any other detail? So we can confirm and resolve for you? Thank you.

About the prepaid VAT, it will show the detail to our warehouse to apply the IOSS for your order. I have forwarded your request to our technical department, we will think about it, maybe we can add the detail to the order. If you need, we can send a commercial invoice for you with the payment detail, then you will show it to your customs. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us here or in the ticket, we are always here to help.