This is an interesting thread. FastTech is in no way responsible for time in transit...true. But split the hair and you find that FastTech is responsible for the time to ship after ordering, which is fails at regularly. So, that said, when Anniepan replies that, "under new management", FastTech is striving to offer new shipping avenues for faster delivery of goods is just a placation and does nothing to address the woeful failure of FastTech to expedite goods to the shipper on their promise of a ship date.

Yes, no other site that I know of has a forum to address the needs/complaints of their customers, so this is in FastTechs favor and, it says nothing to the constant delays in getting goods to the shipper. So if you can deal with the broken commitments in that regard, FastTech is fantastic.

Personally, FastTech is my last resort when ordering goods from China. I only use them when I cannot find a product elsewhere even at a higher price. I wearied of the above-mentioned delays so choose to find alternate sources when possible which, is almost always.

Just as a footnote, has anyone else noticed that under this "new management" the variety that used to be on offer here has evaporated...just pretty much a boring product list day after day.