EDIT: the message below was intended as a quick heads up. Since the time of this message, an official announcement became available here.

Original post:
This is a quick heads up. A more official announcement and details on shipping arrangements will be posted shortly.

A 17-million people lock down was announced less than 24 hours ago in Shenzhen, China, where FastTech's warehouse is, in pursuit of this ludicrous dream of zero-covid.

Though our staff dormitory is practically on-site at our warehouse's location, securities were put in place to prevent shipping staff from returning to work this morning. We fought to resume work, if limited, but it was fruitless.

We're currently expecting shipping to resume after the current lock down on March 20th, 2022.

Customer service is unaffected as we are able to work at home.

We will provide an official announcement and regular updates on shipping.