Still.Me wrote:

Just had dinner with a g/f from the CDC and I really must have had my head in the sand.
I understand this variant in China is a variant of Omnicron.
Understand its already showing up in small numbers throughout Europe and even here.

Sighs. I thought as we were coming out of winter and all the mandates here that we would finally have a bit of a break due to the warmth but now I understand I will be due a 4th booster come April.
I understand they are all quite concerned about the 50% vaccine rate in Ukraine and now all the people fleeing into Europe.

Here we go again.

Just got in and too tired to put in an order but will do so in the AM, not that there appears to be any rush to do so.

Yeah, it all just leaves you thinking "Oh boy!" LOL!!

As a friend of mine mentioned only yesterday; just try focusing on the good things right now. He's currently training a new King Charles Spaniel puppy, and regularly baby-sitting his two-year old granddaughter. And me? Well, I'm aiming to retire from work next year. :-)

geek wrote:

Thank you again for everyone's kind words. We are expecting the lockdown to end by the end of the week but if anything changes, we will post updates immediately here.

Oh. it's probably just a blip. As long as people stay safe, that's the main thing. Perhaps this is a sign of the future, where new variants occasionally pop up, and result in short localised shut-downs.