Merci Thank you for all this valuable information.
I do not intend to stop there.
If no amicable and relevant solution found I would contact the competent authorities.
We expect a $ 400 purchase that the after sales service is up.
the funniest thing about all this is that if I send them for repair they will realize that they can not fix it and have to ask the manufacturer.
By the time all this is done this phone will not be sold anywhere and obsolete.
moreover, since the battery is damaged (storage at 0%) once I receive it I should again make a return for repair!
it's a big hassle and the after-sales service absolutely want to keep my money. Another vision of "customer satisfaction"
I would not let myself go.
I am disgusted, if he do not want to lose me (I am a good customer) he will do the necessary.
the worst is that this phone costs the same price in France ....