kanaye wrote:

The staff replied that I have to send them back at my expense the phone and that he will fix it .... it's a joke ... I wait 3 months without a phone ???
the battery is certainly damaged, the product will be rooted .... who buys a phone tinkered at this price!
it's really a joke. no after sales service react like that.
I cancel my current orders.

Hello kanaye,

First of all, we do really sorry for the inconvenience caused in this case. For xiaomi phones, we always ship with original factory package, and will not open to test as customers need the original 100% brand new one. If we open it the package is hardly to pack back , the customer may appeal a case to say it is used. So if there is no test request from our customer, we will not open and will ship the original phone.

We are really sorry that your have received a bricked phone, we also have contacted to our manuacturer every day and ask them to resend another one. We think there is a misunderstanding about the return fee, our CS staff means we will afford the shipping fee(the return shipping fee and resend shipping fee). So please kindly help us return the phone and send the return receipt? Then we can refund the shipping fee for you. And we will send a replacement phone for you once we received the return. The returned phone we will get back to our manufacturer.

Any concerns, please feel free to let us know, we will do our best to help.

Thank you for your understanding.