Cancel order no refund Anniepan
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(permalink)      10/28/2021 2:43:21 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Cancel order no refund Anniepan
Hi Anniepan

Could you maybe help me out again due to the fact I can't open a ticket on a cancel order (or I don't know how).
I did cancel this order C102550220 it was pay by gift certificate.
Normally there will be issued a gift certificate ASAP after the cancel but not this time can you inlight me on why and what the problem is?


JayJayMcKlay marked this question as answered on 10/29/2021 at 1:50 PM
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Dear JayJayMcKlay, Sorry to hear aout the issue. The money was refunded to your store credit as a gift certificate instantly after you canceled the order. You can find it at your FastTech account.

But the gift certificate will be depleted if it is applied in the checkout while the transaction is discontinued later. We have offered a new gift certificate and sent the code detail to you in ticket. You can use IT for your new order. Or we can create the order and apply the gift certificate for you. Please feel free to let us know your opinion in the ticket. Thank you.