I have a pair of Xiaomi Bluetooth...wouldn't stay paired outside 5 feet or so, then I tried the upscale Bose. Not much better, so I went back to wired. I ended up with a set of wired Bose, ($75) which have given great service, though the wire casings have degraded quite a bit and, alas, are now discontinued.

After some research, I ordered a mid-priced set of KZ. The sound was really great, but they are heavy, very heavy in the ear and, though no fault of KZ, I could not get a fit in the left ear. I was going to try with a set of memory foam tips, but then I ran across BASN Bmasters, ($90), which are lighter weight and come supplied with rubber, silicone and memory tips, due to be delivered Friday. I opted for their triple drivers even though I am no audiophile and won't be using them as IEMs, just listening to music and gaming. I probably got spoiled for sound by the KZ IEMs. I burned them in with 37 minutes of Cliburns Tchaikovsky 1st from like the 50s. I have listened to that all my life but heard more than ever with the IEMs. I am sold on "ChiFi" buds.

One of the things I really like about where the IEM manufacturers are going is interchangeable cables so, if you wear one out, you just get a new cable, rather than having to trash the buds. Getting used to the "over the ear" thing is another story.