I use Revonext QT2 IEMs. They're amazing if you like V-shaped sound with low sibilance... excellent bass too. They're a few years old now so there's certainly new and improved IEM's in the chi-fi world. The quality of my $40 QT2's is far better than anything you'd get for $150-$200 from a genuine audiophile type company.

My only complaint is the drivers slowly stop working in temps below around -25c until they warm up again. There's three drivers in these things so if you spend a lot of time in the cold I'd recommend IEM's or buds with less drivers or multiple drivers that are in a stacked monolithic design.

edit: something to keep in mind... most of the included cables with chi-fi iem's are garbage. plan on buying a better quality third party cable if u go the chi-fi route. but even these can be a gamble as lots of the chinese companies seem to be hit or miss with their soldering skills.