The sub $2000 headphone/IEM market is not my market so I don't have a massive amount of experience there however I do buy earphones from Tin Hifi as stocking fillers. Any of the T# series are excellent value in their price ranges. They are easy to drive, have replaceable cables, are tuned well with a house sound which errs towards a warm presentation, good layering & intimate soundstage.

A manufacturer I did beta testing for is Flare Audio, who specialise in single driver IEMs. That was a while ago and their earphones were in the £400+ price bracket. They are a British company but I note their new line up is starting from around £20 upwards now. They have dynamic drivers not Balanced Armatures (which is mostly what you've been discussing in this thread) and dynamic drivers have the ability to punch mid bass in a way that BAs can't if you like that.

If you are happy to explore a higher price bracket, Moondrop Audio offer some extremely high performance earphones. My personal benchmark in the below $200 bracket is the Moondrop Starfield (sometimes on sale for sub $100), which is an IEM I buy as gifts for friends. I have gifted 10 or so over the past 2 years and even friends who are into audio themselves enjoy them. The only issue you will have with them is they are metal cased and so, may be heavy for your liking. They are very comfortable though. They are extremely detailed but balanced across the whole audio spectrum and have a larger than average soundstage and layering with extremely fast transient response. They are also built like tanks, way beyond their price range.

Another manufacturer worth checking out is the American Brand; Periodic Audio Audio who specialise in different driver materials in single dynamic driver configurations. They have several IEMs priced differently depending on the material their driver is made from. Again, each offering punches well above its price bracket. Slightly above average soundstage but good layering. Their house sound is slightly V-shaped but without recessed mids (good for vocal music) however the higher up their price bracket you go, the higher their detail retrieval, frequency balance and overall fidelity gets. They are also very light earphones.

I would also recommend perusing the offerings from the new gen budget earphones from long established manufactures like Fiio, Ibasso, Hidizs and Shanling, which are all very high value propositions and consistently highly rated. I have done beta audio testing for these companies and their earphones are extremely good value for money.

The absolute best sub $100 earphone I have heard is the In-time Sora Ti3... However it can only be purchased within Japan. If you have market contacts there, I'd recommend checking that earphone out. It has an unusual internal housing design which discourages destructive interference... Which is an issue with poor housing designs. Unfortunately they don't have replaceable cables, but their cables are kevlar reinforced. Very wide soundstage, even frequency response with excellent treble extension, good upper and lower mids but a very unusual bass performance with an even mid bass but then an elevation in the very lowest subbass frequencies which makes for a very visceral presentation I've not heard in any other earphone at any price.

Like I mentioned, I don't have a lot of experience in this market, so take this as a neophytes view given how many offerings are out there... but in my limited experience in the budget arena, the above are the manufacturers I have experience with and respect for a few different types of musical presentation.

If you want an idea of what my rigs/setups are, check out the 'about' section of my namesake on head-fi. I have been a headphone and audio equipment collector for about 25 years, though I stopped updating what I own about 5 years ago;