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#481 (permalink)      7/1/2020 7:00:59 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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1 order split into 2 (so the In Stock items would arrive quicker 🙄), no movement since 5/14 and 5/17, 'Delivered to Airline, Shanghai'.

Meanwhile, I received two packages ordered in early June with the same Shipping method from a competitor that would get this comment deleted for advertising if I named them, and two other packages of items to review sent directly from FreeMax also in June both taking under 2 weeks, about 10 days.

Worst part is everything in my lost orders could have just been in the Delivered orders from the other vendor, same versions and all, I just placed my first order here out of 'brand loyalty'', ordered from the other China vendor because a PMMA topcap of all things was In Stock there and not on FT.

Had thousands of dollars worth of orders here before that purge of Order History a year or two ago, this is just craziness, especially reading how much longer others have been waiting.

Going by the apparent runarounds people have been getting, I forsee a whole lot of PayPal Disputes in FT's future...can't see that ending well considering the full switch to PayPal for payment processing...

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#482 (permalink)      7/1/2020 8:14:56 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Labubs wrote:

Had thousands of dollars worth of orders here before that purge of Order History a year or two ago

Your full order history is still available, but only in the mobile version of the site.

Have a look at:

#483 (permalink)      7/1/2020 8:29:56 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Just a reminder:

Paypal has a 180 day time limit where you can make a claim to recover your losses from fast tech orders

Lots of people have time frames nearing that with only Ft's begging ... wait a little more. Hope you can understand ... corona ... airline ... blah blah ... holiday ... blah blah.

FT can't deliver on these old (lost) orders, so be sure you file your paypal case before 180 day drop dead day.
#484 (permalink)      7/1/2020 8:39:34 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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^ yep... I just filed my last order... No hard feelings but, Business is business...

"You'll need to give some time for the seller to respond to your message. We suggest that you work with the seller to amicably resolve the issue before July 21, 2020"
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#485 (permalink)      7/1/2020 8:45:25 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Looks like a bunch of the old patrons are bailing out, I'm damn close!

My only hard feeling are towards the CCP who have hell to pay.
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#486 (permalink)      7/2/2020 12:45:45 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Fasttech is doing something wrong with their shipping. All 4 of my AliExpress orders have either been delivered or are at least in NY now. The AE orders were split shipped by 4 different vendors using 3 different free shipping options (their choice) and all were ordered while both of my 2 FT orders had already been sitting at ZHENGZHOU EMS, CHINA "handed off to airline" for 22 days. One of my Ali orders went through the exact same place where the Fasttech orders have been sitting for over a month now.
Something tells me that Fasttech isn't paying their dues or are skimping on service fees or something because they are literally the only Chinese merchant I've used recently that couldn't get my packages into the USA within 21 days. Corona this, corona that. Yeah I get it, but why is the corona affecting Fasttech shipping time 400% more than every other Chinese company?
I'll give them a couple more weeks to get my packages on a plane, then I'll get PayPal involved.

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#487 (permalink)      7/2/2020 4:22:02 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Hello Labubs,

We have asked our Post to investigate your packages, recently most of the delayed packages in May have arrived in local and tracking information is updated. We think your packages will arrive these days. We will keep an eye on your packages until you receive the them. If it is lost or you haven't received, we will refund or resend as your choice. Thank you very much for your patience.
#488 (permalink)      7/2/2020 11:09:41 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Labubs wrote:

Going by the apparent runarounds people have been getting, I forsee a whole lot of PayPal Disputes in FT's future...can't see that ending well considering the full switch to PayPal for payment processing...

This is the primary reason I use Paypal these days, where available. I'm not willing to, for example, sit around and possibly wait months for a shipment I'm told should take two weeks on average.

I understand that there's a backlog due to the plague, but when I ordered there was no indication on FastTech's part that shipments were being delayed. In fact, even now, I can go through the motions of placing an order and it still says 8-25 days via express ePacket with no warning to the contrary.

I'm willing to be understanding when I'm given good reason to be. But only learning of a problem after I'm already out some money, because the company can't be bothered to do something even as simple as post a warning banner on their site, as so many others have done...just kinda pisses me off and makes me not want to do business with them, y'know?

edit: To be clear, I'm not going to file a dispute just yet. But it's nice to have the option if there continues to be no movement.

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#489 (permalink)      7/2/2020 11:13:40 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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#490 (permalink)      7/2/2020 11:17:40 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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2020-05-22 03:09
Origin Post is Preparing Shipment -> We have received notice that the originating post is preparing to dispatch this mail piece.

41 days and counting. When do you issue a refund?

Order Number: B051670552

This is ridiculous, I have had package after package delivered in way less time.
#491 (permalink)      7/2/2020 11:42:05 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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SP - >. Canada $5 for faster delivery. LOL

Shipped April 27th

Left overseas for Canada June 10th.

Still no sign of it on this end....Will give it to July 27th and if not here by then, will be a bit concerned.
I always use PayPal.

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