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I placed an order on April 30, 2020. My package hasn't moved since May 14th in China. What can I do? Please help!
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i ordered some masks in april for $10
In july when they still didn't arrive FT resent them through NLpost and I received them shortly thereafter
about a week later the original order did show up
Now FT wants me to pay them $8 for the second order.
Are you crazy FT? Life saving items that I had to order because they weren't available in america because chinise nationals bought them all and had them shipped to china. 3 month wait? You should pay me $8 ... no $16 for making me wait. And I told them if they ask again they lose all my future business.
I could understand if it was a $250 order of vape supplies but 2 masks. come on dude, don't peepee in my coke.
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+1 details
The post office is constipated ... thank you for understanding.
If you want on or off the list just let me know.