vapeluvr wrote:

Same reason why 40 thieves no longer a low Americans to see most ecig products on their websites. Have to use a proxy. Politics. Came about right before EVALI.

Sort of different, possibly because 40 thieves has some shipping from the US, or because, as a private company, the US could make things difficult by delaying all of their goods at Customs.

The government of China however, is hardly well known for their overwhelming regard for the laws, regulations and policies of most Western countries, particularly the US, to whom they are mostly hostile towards as of late.

Being the only global economy to benefit from GDP growth during the pandemic (4.9%), after previously experiencing a recession, China has been focused on manufacturing, and export sales.

To illustrate my point, consider the first, though smaller worldwide pandemic of Fentanyl distribution. Almost all of it originating from China, and which continues unabated. Some have referred to it as the new Opium War. My point being that China does not have an overly altruistic focus on enforcing other countries laws, whether they relate to intellectual property, trade agreements, or UN resolutions.

So why would Chinese Customs waste resources to assist the US in regulating a minor domestic policy, at the expense of their own economic stability?

There must be another reason.