😘 🥰 Thanks FT! 13 & 15 days - delivered! 😍 🤗
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Richy7 wrote:

Certainly for orders over $30 Fasttech have upped their game since the postal services turned bad in the last year.

Praise where it is due.

No need to troll a post praising a retailer doing the right thing Andy.lion

If upping their game means refusing to refund, re-ship or issue a GC for a lost order from 2020, then yes, they have. The right thing though, not so much.

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🥰 😘 🥰 😘 🥰 😘 🥰 😘 🥰 😘 🥰 😘 🥰 😘 🥰 😘 🥰 😘 🥰 😘

😍 😍

🤗 😍 🤗 😍 🤗 😍 🤗 😍 🤗 😍 🤗 😍 🤗 😍 🤗 😍 🤗 😍 🤗 😍
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Sycophancy at it's finest...
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It's twelve inches long, but don't use it as a rule...
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Well I am super duper pleased for you VapeLuvr as it is always great news to hear that deliveries are moving.

Perhaps you could explain my latest ticket to me from Crystal? 😂

Had a package sent March 9th that I paid extra for shipping, in order to send it NL Post.
Seems they mistakenly sent it by e-packet and it was turned back.

Our warehouse don't use NL Post, so I have asked the post office to stop the package, it is now on the way back to us.

We will resend it by NL post as soon as we can. Thank you for your understanding.

We apologize again for all inconvenience caused in this case, hope you can understand.

How can the warehouse not normally use NLpost when the shipping option was clearly visible? 😂

Edit: Package was resent via e-packet and landed in hand, in Toronto in 11 or 13 days. One or the other. Cant recall off hand but rather quick regardless.

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lucky you 😁
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Good Job FT and your US Expedited to US shipping...15 days from date of order placed to delivery at my door in NE USA....The tracking was a lil funky using 17 track.net and carrier "DHL for US" with the assigned USPS tracking number but a learning experience , not to use USPS tracking ...The USPS tracking never changed from "creating label" , and was delivered with a diffeernt USPS tracking number, but DHL eCommerce for US tracking was always right on the money, and fast delivery like the old days here..too bad that FT won't be shipping vape products soon , especially now that the US Expedited to US shipping and use of DHL eCommerce for US is working so well now...again Good job Fasttech, getting the items in hand, packaged and to the shipper in a fast and professional business like manner..

BTW...it appears DHL US handled the package all the way from start in China to outside Boston Mass and then was transferred to USPS with a new USPS tracking number than was provided by Fasttech originally, but it worked well, as I knew it was to be delivered the next day after the DHL - USPS transfer which was so close to home..

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New2vape wrote:

Nice...wish I could have the same hope for Canada Post...Enjoy

FT to Montreal in 10 days .. e-packet speeds have returned 🍻😎💨 LZ746825414CN