Dear macranife, sorry for the undue delay with your order. This UK Expedited Service is a new shipping method recently added to give more options for UK customers. We always keep monitoring the shipping status of the new shipping methods. The packages shipped earlier last week via this new method are all went fine until the COVID-19 outbreak in Hong Kong became quite severe this week.

The initial tracking status is provided by a carrier located in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, this carrier is suffering from a severe processing backlog caused by Hong Kong's biggest COVID wave that is currently ramping up.

As a result, tracking will likely be delayed by a few days. We have posted a thread earlier last week regarding this delay. But we are sorry for not contacting you in time because we were confirming with the carrier earlier today after the routine check on packages.

Given the situation might last for some time, we are discussing the handling of these shipping methods that dispatch from Hong Kong airport and will update the thread with further actions we take toward it.

I will take care of your package personally and keep you updated on Monday.

We sincerely apologize for the delay and any inconvenience this may have caused. And we are truly grateful for your patience and understanding.