As I said Geek I do not doubt your word and hope I caused you no offence

I fully understand some of the problems you may be facing regarding shipping from HK

but as I also said, where it's shipped from makes little difference to me as a customer

proper tracking and realistic delivery times do make a difference, a big difference

and as I've also said, that is the very problem that forced me to go to your competitors in the first place

This proves it can be done successfully by other vendors, regularly

and this is why I shall continue to do business with them

with the risk of repeating myself again, I sincerly hope FT can sort shipping issues out, properly

I also hope the owners of FT listen to their staff and the issues that are causing problems

Annie has been placed in an impossible position, I have great sympathy for her and the staff

be in no doubt if the issue continues not to be rectified

it will have an adverse affect on FT's sales, and profit