Hi Anniepan, after a few Shipments taking 2-3 Weeks for delivery ( which is not a good Time, but a Time I think nearly every Customer can live with ) it seems to me FT is back to its Worst again. For the Order LV355779028CN it is nearly a Month Shipping Time now and no Package in Sight. Please, please talk with FT shipping Department to do something, FT is starting to ruin the Impression that it is getting fast(er) again. I want to order my Mods and RTA's at FT, not only Wire, Screws, Glasses, Drip Tips and other Stuff where it is okay to wait 5 or 6 or 8 Weeks to get it.I know it is not Your Fault, doing Your Best as always, but it is no Fun in the Moment ordering at FT.
And it is not about Shipping Costs, I would gladly pay a few Bucks for shipping if a Package arives under 2 Weeks shipping Time, as it is with nearly every other chinese Vendor.