nefer wrote:

- 1) Hola, me pararon los dos Ășltimos pedidos en aduanas y me pedĂ­an un dineral

Hello, my last two orders were stopped by customs and they asked me to pay a lot of money

- 2) Siguen parando en aduanas a fecha de hoy?

Are they still stopping at customs as of today?

- 1) When were your last two orders?
Maybe the problem has been solved since then!

- 2) To find out, the Spanish buyers would have to make the effort to reply to this thread! It would be interesting to know, and useful for other buyers who hesitate!

wahuka wrote:

Que yo sepa la cosa sigue igual, mientras Fasttech no cobre el 21% de Iva como hacen en Aliexpress por ejemplo, los envios seguiran siendo parados.

As far as I know, as long as Fasttech does not charge 21% VAT as they do in Aliexpress for example, the shipments will continue to be stopped.

As Anniepan has often said, you can contact Fasttech before ordering and ask them to apply the 21% VAT on the whole order (including shipping costs).
FT will arrange the order for you, and for those who use PayPal, FT will give you a link to pay.