clogicca wrote:

but you will see electronic entry as first entry on almost every package cuz that is the shipper using the software to buy and print shipping label for your package

I have made likely a couple hundred orders here over the years and yes, I agree normally that is what it means although New2Vape says he has seen it many times. I havent, not once it has left for Canada.

On my page which was new it said the order would be delivered, I think the 28th?
Seemed far too soon but as it was a new line I was cautiously optimistic so when it didn't show, I did open a ticket but was told, at lest with this particular line that it would remain saying that until it landed in Canada.

I was prepared to give that explanation the benefit of the doubt but by this week I expect to see that it has landed or yes, again I will reopen the ticket and have them let me know if it has left or not.